澳門大專學生作品選 Selected Works from Macao Universities

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澳門大學作品 University of Macao

女神 Goddess

劇情短片Short Fiction / 澳門 Macao / 2020 / 7’49 / B / 彩色Color / 粵語,中文及英文字幕 In Cantonese with Chinese and English Subtitle

COCO是一名19歲的女大學生,同時坐擁幾十萬粉絲。而在現實生活 中,Coco是一個自卑的人。某天,Coco在網上認識了一位男生 Kelvin,他們十分投契,無時無刻都在聊天。突然,Coco發現自己在 網絡上引起了極大的關注,她發現自己的真實身份被公諸於世。

Coco a 19-year-old college student with hundreds of thousands of fans. In real life, Coco is an inferiority person. One day, Coco met a boy Kelvin on the Internet. They were very close to each other and were chatting all the time. Suddenly, Coco found that she had attracted great attention on the Internet, and she found that her identity had been made public. 

導演簡介 Director’s Profile



A fourth-year creative media student in the Department of Communication, University of Macau. Thefilm were shot during the second year of the university. 

澳門理工學院作品 Macao Polytechnic Institute

繾綣 Intertwine

劇情短片 Short Fiction / 澳門 Macao / 2021 / 29’17” /B / 彩色 Color / 粵語,中文及英文字幕 In Cantonese with Chinese and English Subtitle


  • 入圍2021《SHORTS 國際短片比賽》劇情片單元
  • Shortlisted in Macao international short film festival 2021

Exploring people’s thought and expressions in relationships from a psychological perspective, and revealing the untouchable vulnerability between them.

Intertwine is a story talks about three people whose attitudes and behaviors are influenced by their own experiences, and whose relationships are entangled with each other, reminiscing about their past and seeking what they need from each other, and they are unable to face true selves.

導演簡介 Director’s Profile



Local fresh graduate of Macao Polytechnic Institute in the multimedia disciplines, her final year project“Intertwine” is her first feature film who served as director, screenwriter and production designer. Thevideo is not for self expression, I would like to interact with audiences through the video.

澳門科技大學作品 Macau University of Science and Technology

詠春之子 Master of Wing Chun

紀錄短片 Documentary Short / 澳門 Macao / 2021 / 23’55” / B / 彩色Color / 粵語,中文及英文字幕 In Cantonese with Chinese and English Subtitle


The Master of Wing Chun aims at a group of Wing Chun people in a traditional martial arts school in central Macao. Hoi lo kong insisted on training his disciples with traditional Wing Chun boxing training methods; Wei Wenjun who came to Macao from the mainland, wholeheartedly hopes to learn the fighting skills of Wing Chun boxing.Bemmy Lau who is over 60, studies boxing day and night and hopes to open a boxing hall in five years. This is a true story about traditional Wing Chun fighters.

導演簡介 Director’s Profile

李宏運 Li Hongyun


Li Hongyun, master of film production, Macao University of science and technology, is studying. He once served as editor and director of CCTV new film group and has rich experience in documentary production. His documentary films have won many national and provincial awards.

澳門聖若瑟大學作品 University of Saint Joseph


劇情短片 Short Fiction / 澳門 Macao / 2021 / 7’49 / B / 彩色 Color / 粵語,中文及英文字幕 In Cantonese with Chinese and English Subtitle


動作類型在本地電影中很少見, 這電影希望以漫畫為靈感的動作內容,為本地電影製作帶來一種新鮮感。 這部短片的靈感來自作者在電子遊戲和漫畫動畫,以及最近發佈的 rotoscope 動畫電影中的經歷,它展示了在有限的資源,但不意味著這能限制一個人的能力。 

A comic-inspired action thriller film, where a man tries to save his wife when something from his past comes back…

Macao is fairly straightforward and streamlined towards a certain direction when it comes to filmmaking and the action genre is rare in local cinema. This project aims to bring an overall different approach to local filmmaking with more comic-inspired action packed content.

The short-film is inspired by the author’s upbringing with video games and comics/cartoons as well as recently released rotoscope animated films and it’s a demonstration of how limited resources don’t mean a limitation to one’s abilities.

導演簡介 Director’s Profile

Miguel Assunção


Born and raised in Macau since 1993. As a child, I was constantly surrounded by music at home, naturally developing an ear for music. However, during my teens, I started being more visually stimulated through video games and the stories they brought to life, by combining cinematography and enhancing visuals with music. 

Since then I’ve tackled different kinds of university majors that I thought would be beneficial to my future. They were, but they weren’t what motivated and inspired me the most. That is how I chose to go back to what inspired me, visuals and sound.